Advanced Scientific Computing
Algorithms and Complexity
Algorithms and Data Structures
Alternative Energy Conversion Systems
Analog Integrated Circuits
Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Electronic Systems
Antennas I: Analysis
Antennas II: Synthesis, Design
Applied Electrodynamics
Applied Numerical Analysis
Applied Thermodynamics
Automatic Control Systems
Automation of Energy Systems I
Biomedical Technology
Calculus of One Variable – Linear Algebra
Calculus of Several Variables
Calculus of Variations
Computational Intelligence
Computer Aided Electromechanical Projects Design & Planning
Computer Architecture
Computer Graphics
Computer Networks IΜΑ181
Computer Networks II
Computer Systems Security
Computer Vision
Design of Electronic Circuits
Design of Telecommunication Links
Differential Equations and Transformations
Digital Communication Systems
Digital Image Processing
Digital Signal Processing
Digital System Design
Electric Circuits I
Electric Circuits II
Electric Measurements
Electrical Installations
Electrical Machines Design
Electrical Machines I
Electrical Machines II
Electrical Machines Systems for Motion and Power Production I
Electrical Machines Systems for Motion and Power Production II
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electromagnetic Fields Ι
Electromagnetic Fields ΙI
Electromechanical Devices for Power Transmission
Electronic Measurements
Embedded Systems Design
Energy Economics
Engineer Systems Security
English Language I
English Language II
Environment Administration I
Fundamentals of Electrical Machines
Fundamentals of Power Electronics
Heat Transfer
High Frequency Measurements
High Voltage Engineering I
High Voltage Engineering II
Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
Information Retrieval and Data Mining
Information Theory, Coding and Cryptography
Integrated Circuits
Introduction to Nuclear Technology
Materials Science
Mathematical Software
Microelectronics Technology and Devices
Microprocessors and Applications
Microwave Circuit Design
Mobile Communications
Modelling/Control of Isolated and Hybrid Power Systems
Modern Automatic Control
Nuclear Radiations: Applications and Radiation Protection
Nuclear Technology
Numerical Methods and Problem Solving in Electromagnetics
Object Oriented Programming
Operating Systems
Operations Research
Optics Communications
Organization and Business Administration
Organization of Computer Systems
Parallel Algorithms and Computational Complexity
Parallel Processing Technology
Pattern Recognition
Photovoltaic Devices and ApplicationsΤΜΑ387
Plasma Physics
Power Electronics and Applications I
Power Electronics and Applications II
Power System Control and Stability
Power System Protection
Power Systems I
Power Systems II
Principles of Telecommunication Links
Principles of Telecommunication Systems
Project Management
Quantum Computers
Queueing Theory
Radar Systems
Remote Sensing
Renewable Energy Sources
RF Telecommunications Circuits Design
Satellite Communications
Science Philosophy
Scientific Computing
Signals and Systems
Software Engineering
Sound Technology
Space Weather
Special Applications of Power Electronics
Special Aspects and Views of English Electrical and Computer Engineering Terminology
Special Issues of Automatic Control Systems
Special Topics in Microelectronics
Special Topics in Plasma and Nuclear Technology
Standards-Quality and Total Quality Management
Standards-Safety at Work
Structure and Operation of Power Systems
Structured Programming
Technical Drawing
Technical Legislation and Regulations for Studies
Technical Mechanics
Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Telecommunication Networks
Theory of Probability and Statistics
Transmission and Propagation of Radiowaves
VLSI Systems