GENERAL INFORMATION:Instructors: Anagnostopoulos Georgios, Sarafopoulos Dimitrios
Semester: 4th

ECTS Units: 5
Teaching Units: 4
Theory Hours: 2
Exercises Hours: 1
Lab Hours: 2


Course Description

Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday’s Law. Inductive power. Self Inductance and Mutual inductance. Power of electromagnetic fields. Induced currents. Magnetic Materials: Magnetization and magnetic permeability. Ferromagnetic, diamagnetic and paramagnetic materials. Magnetization curve. Magnetic circuits. Kirchhoff’s laws in magnetic circuits. Non-linear magnetic circuits. Electromagnetic Field: Time-varying electromagnetic field. Maxwell’s equations in vacuum and in matter. Boundary conditions: Solving boundary condition problems in magnetic materials. Displacement current. Electric scalar and magnetic vector potentials. The general form of wave equation. Electromagnetic waves. Helmholtz’ equation.  Energy conservation in electromagnetic fields. The Poynting Vector and Poynting theorem. Surface Waves: Definition and Origin. Wave propagation in material media. Wave polarization. Power density of electromagnetic radiation. Phase velocity ​​and group velocity. Reflection and Refraction of surface waves: Definitions. Incident wave. Parallel and vertical polarization. Law of reflection. Snell’s law. Fresnel equations. Brewster’s angle – polarization angle – critical angle. Electromagnetic Radiation. Retarded potentials. Far field and near field of elementary antenna. Radiation intensity, directionality and antenna gain. Elementary dipole.