GENERAL INFORMATION:Instructors: Karnavas Yannis
Semester: 9th

ECTS Units: 3
Teaching Units: 3
Theory Hours: 2
Exercises Hours: 1
Lab Hours: 0


Course Description

Concepts and considerations: Materials, Space Factor, Properties Selection, Heat Flow, Dimensioning, Quantities, International Specifications, Finite Elements. Transformers: Output equations, dimensioning, Operating design requirements for voltage regulation, no load current, temperature rise, tank, cooling. DC machines: Output Equations, Dimensioning, Carter Factor, Magnetic Flux Density, Number of poles. Design: Armature, Collector / Brush system, Performance study. Synchronous machines: Output Equations, Loading, Short circuit ratio, Poles shoes, Air-gap length. Design: Armature, Rotor, Excitation winding, Damping windings. Field MMF under load conditions, Performance study. Induction Motors: Output Equations, Dimensioning, Air-gap length, Selection of stator slots and poles number. Design: Armature, Rotor bars, End rings, wound rotor. Magnetic leakage, reactance, magnetization current, short circuit current, Performance study. Other motor categories: Requirements for permanent magnet motors, brushless motors, variable reluctance motors. Applications and performance studies with FEMM open source software.