GENERAL INFORMATION:Instructors: Lygouras Ioannis
Semester: 5th

ECTS Units: 6
Teaching Units: 4
Theory Hours: 2
Exercises Hours: 1
Lab Hours: 2


Course Description

Internal structure of an Op Amp. The differential amplifier. The current source. The output stage. Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR). Properties of the Op Amp integrated circuit. Adding feedback to an Op Amp. Results of adding feedback. Virtual ground. Inverting connection of an Op Amp. Non-iverting connection. Voltage follower. Voltage Adder, Integrator, Differentiator, Multiplier, Divider. Voltage-to-Current and Current-to-Voltage converter. The superposition theorem. Instrumentation amplifier. Active filters, Definitions (Order, Bandwidth, Band pass, Rejection zone etc). First, second, third-order low-pass filters design. First, second, third-order high-pass filters design. Band pass filters design. Band-rejection filters design (Notch filters). Voltage comparators (VC). Inverting and non inverting VCs connections. VC with hysteresis. VC output voltage limitation. VC applications (Zero-crossing detector, unstable oscillators). Voltage regulators. Three terminal regulators. A/D and D/A conversion definitions. The binary-weighted resistors DAC. The R-2R ladder DAC. Electronic switches. Definitions (sampling, quantization, coding). A ramp-compare ADC (binary counter method). An integrating ADC (also dual-slope). Successive-approximation ADC. A direct-conversion ADC or flash ADC. Parallel comparator ADC. Timers. Mono-stable and unstable oscillators (MS and US Osc.). Implentation of MS and US Osc. Using discrete electronic elements. Implentation of MS and US Osc. Using logic gates and passive R-C elements. Implentation of MS and US Osc. Using monolithic ICs like the 555 timer. Monostable operation of 555. Retriggerable and non-retriggerable monostable osc. Oscillator implementation using the 555. Variable duty-cycle oscillator. Frequency divider. Sequential timer. Exercises.