GENERAL INFORMATION:Instructors: Karlis Athanasios
Semester: 8th

ECTS Units: 5
Teaching Units: 4
Theory Hours: 2
Exercises Hours: 1
Lab Hours: 2


Course Description

Typical asynchronous/induction motor (AM&IM) operating curves. Speed control, startup, brake and corresponding AM&IM drives and applications. Modeling and simulation of AM&IM dynamic behavior for motion and power generation. Specific AM&IM categories, control and applications (Linear Induction Motors, Single Phase AM&IM, Two Phase Servomotors, Servomotors, Squirrel cage, etc.). Characteristic curves of synchronous motors operation (SM). Speed control, startup, braking and related devices for driving SM and their applications. Modeling and simulation of dynamic behavior of SM for electrical drives and power generation. Special categories of SM, control and applications (Permanent magnet synchronous motors, Linear Synchronous motors, synchronous reluctance motors, and switch reluctance motors, etc.). Stepper motors, Synchros, etc. Applications of dynamic and transient behavior of machines in isolated operation, as well as in interconnection with the network. Criteria for selecting an appropriate drive system. Standards for protection, support, cooling and insulation of electric motors. Examples and applications of electric motor systems for power generation and electric drives.