The Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee (CC) of the Postgraduate Studies Program (PSP) consists of eleven members, included its Director. It consists of the Postgraduate Studies Director and professors or lecturers who are in charge of graduate work or supervision of doctoral theses and assigned by the General Assembly of Special Composition in its meeting in June of the previous academic year.

Each of the four former Sectors of the Department of ECE, participates with two members:  the manager of the Department and another member, elected by the General Assembly of the Department, as well as a Professor-Lecturer who represents the sector of Software and Application Development.

CC is a recommendatory body with important responsibilities which, among other things, decides which courses will be taught during the fall and spring semesters of the next academic year, and also prepares the PSP curriculum.

I. Pratikakis, Associate Professor

A. Rigas, Professor
G. Kyriakou, Professor
Chr. Shinas, Professor
G. Gravvanis, Professor
A. Safigianni, Professor
 P. Efraimidis, Assoc. Professor
A. Arabatzis, Asist. Professor
N. Papanikolaou, Asist. Professor

G. Sirakoulis, Assoc. Professor
N. Papamarkos, Professor

Secretary of the CC of  the PSP
A. Papaevangelou
Tel: 25410-79016
Fax: 25410-79015
Email: apapaeva at

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