Structure and Operation of Power Systems (Ε03Υ)


General Information

Instructor: T. Papadopoulos, Lecturer
Semester: 5th Semester
Course Code: Ε03Υ
Division: Power Systems

Course outline

History of power systems. Basic concepts: single phase alternative-current circuits, power, multi-phase systems, three-phase systems, symmetrical and asymmetrical loads. Power system structure. Generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. The Hellenic electric power system. Power plants. Power transmission lines: physical construction and mechanical characteristics. Power system loads: properties, equivalent circuits, power factor compensation. Introduction to the load flow problem. Introduction to power systems fault-analysis: types of faults, basic concepts.


Credits ECTS: 5
Credits: 4
Theory (hours): 2
Εxercise (hours): 1
Laboratory (hours): 2

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