Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Student Internship Program

The General Assembly of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department during the meeting No 13/28-1-2003 introduced the Student Internship Program in the undergraduate program of studies, as a non-compulsory course. Since 2009 the Internship Program runs in the frame of the Operational Program for Education and Initial Vocational Training (OP). This OP is financed by the European Union and the Greek State. Students have the chance to be exposed to a wide range of technical and operational opportunities. They have the chance to acquire critical insight into companies and industries as well as to develop valuable networking connections, which will help them to prepare and develop their skills for future career opportunities. The program provides opportunities for recent graduates to explore a broad range of disciplines and sectors across companies’ functions and jurisdictions, to work on a variety of projects, and to expand their network of colleagues. Opportunities available for undergraduates are related to the following areas:

  1. Power Engineering
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Electronics
  4. Computer Science and Informatics 

Since 2011, more than 250 students took advantages of this program. 94 students are expected to participate during the current year. A part of the aforementioned students had the opportunity to internship in firms operating in Germany and Cyprus.

For Further Information please contact.

Internship office

tel.          +30 254 1079969 , +30 254 1079762

fax.         +30 254 1079968

e-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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