M.Sc. Documentation

The required documentation to be submitted by the candidates to the Secretariat of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace (PROKAT buildings -67100 Xanthi) along with their application, is the following:

(i). A Curriculum Vitae.

(ii). An  Undergraduate Studies Grades Transcript, showing the final average grade of the diploma or degree, which may not be less than six and a half (6.5), and is calculated as an average (not rounded) of all the grades of the individual courses (and the Diploma Thesis or Dissertation) involved (each weighing accordingly) so as to calculate the final grade of the diploma or degree. Applications that do not meet this requirement in relation to the final grade of the diplomas or degrees are considered non-acceptable and thus the applications of these prospective postgraduate students are not reviewed any further.

(iii). Certified copies of degrees or diplomas (if the qualifications come from accredited Higher Education Institutions from abroad, it is necessary to submit the relevant certificates and the equivalence of diplomas certificate by DIKATSA / DOATAP -Hellenic NARIC).

(iv). Certified copies of professional experience certificates in the research area related to the student’s field of M.Sc.

(v). Copies of certificates of proficiency in at least one foreign language (preferably in English, French or German) for Greek students, plus Greek for foreigners.

(vi). Copies of any research papers.

(vii). Letters of recommendation (references, at least two).

(viii). Certified copies of any accredited postgraduate degrees (M.Sc. and / or PhD.).

The university graduates who are M.Sc.candidates and hold a relevant postgraduate degree (M.Sc. or PhD.) are not subject to the limitation of the 6.5 average grade of the Diploma or Degree.

Details on the application process and any additional data may be provided by the Secretary of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace (tel. 0541/23878, 22510, 79016, and 79036).

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