Student Care

Student Care for Postgraduate Students

Person in charge: Ms. Kyriaki Mpourazani, Tel. / Fax 25410-79028  


Benefits of Student Care for Postgraduate Students
Postgraduate students to acquire an M.Sc. or PhD. are entitled to the benefits of student care throughout the course of their studies until the completion of the maximum time taken in accordance with the provisions of article 21 of Presidential Decree 160/2008 and paragraphs 5a, b, c of Article 9 of N3685/2008.

As to the School of Enginerring, the benefits of Student Care for postgraduate students (M.Sc.) are similar to those for undergraduates (except housing, as there are 35 rooms available in EKTENEPOL -in Xanrthi- for MSc students, whereas undergraduate students are housed in the halls of residence) and described at the webpage: Student Care.

Employment of Graduate Students as Teaching Assistants
Postgraduate students pursuing a PhD. have the opportunity to work as teaching assistants to assist the Professors -Lecturers in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses of the Department.

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