I.A.E.S.T.E. of Xanthi

IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) is an international organization, exchanging students in applied disciplines (University of Economics, Faculty of Engineering etc) among the member countries, for internships abroad related to their studies.

In our country it is represented by the National Council of IAESTE Greece while in cities with universities concerned it is represented by the Local Committees. The Faculty of Engineering of Xanthi established and has been operating the Local Committee of IAESTE Xanthi for the last five years.

The  objective of this Committee is to find a number of slots for foreign students in Greek businesses every year. These job positions make it possible for the University to send students from the Faculty of Engineering of Xanthi to foreign countries for internships, which is considered so essential for engineering studies that many of the departments of the Faculty of Engineering of Xanthi have included them in their curriculum.

The Head of the Local Committee of  I.AESTE Xanthi is the Associate Professor, of the Department Mrs. Anastasia Safigianni (tel: 25410 79527).

The regulations of the Local Committee of IAESTE Xanthi are shown below:




IAESTE of  the Faculty of Engineering of Xanthi (FEX) belongs to IAESTE Greece in Athens. The aim of the foundation is to spread and
support   student exchange among the countries belonging to the
international IAESTE, concerning the students of the faculty, for traineeship outside their country, relative to their field of study.

IAESTE members of FEX may be students of all Departments that are at least at the second year of their studies. Members of IAESTE of FEX elect the Coordinating Committee (CC) every year in February. The CC consists of five (5) students (one from each department of FEX). In case of an increase in the Departments of FEX the composition of CC will be reviewed.

CC is supervised by the responsible for the IAESTE FEX  faculty member designated by the Dean of FEX. The above faculty member is assisted in his or her duties by another faculty member of the department, indicated by each Department.

After all relevant applications have been submitted,  CC elects a president, a treasurer and a secretary for the current academic year in its first annual meeting, by secret ballot ,in the presence of the supervising faculty member..

The CC duties are:

  • Functioning of the IAESTE office in FEX.
  • Contacting the members of IAESTE - FEX periodically to be informed and form schedules
  • Constant communication and cooperation with the supervising faculty member, especially on the part of the President.
  • Spreading the word about the institution of IAESTE among students of FEX, organizing relevant information events
  • Timely search for slots for foreign students in Greece
  • Continuous contact with IAESTE Greece, for information and planning
  • Welcoming and hosting the foreign students that arrive in the area of Thrace through IAESTE Greece.
  • Organization of the participation in the annual international conference of position exchange  of all IAESTE committees in the world (preparation of the presentation,decision on the profile of the local committee in the conference, etc.)
  • Collection and evaluation of the applications of FEX students who wish to do an internship through IAESTE abroad , based on the corresponding algorithms,
  • Informing FEX students after the international conference IAESTE, as to the positions available
  • Organizing the distribution of positions to the beneficiaries (students)

All these duties are allocated  to the members of CC by its president.

 Each year, in November, CC will elect its  two representatives that will go to  the international conference IAESTE, by ballot, according to the offer and specific qualifications required (organizational skills, language skills, etc.). The task of the two representatives who will go abroad at the expense of FEX is to achieve the best possible result in terms of number and quality positions for FEX students. The supervising faculty member reserves the right to request to go to the international conference IESTE themselves, whenever they wish, in place of one of the students, making their intentions known to CC well in advance .

Here are the requirements in order for students to participate in the international conference IAESTE:

Students participating in the conference should take part in all the activities included in this conference. They should cooperate excellently with the members of the other committees of the Greek mission, in order not only  to maintain the good image of IAESTE FEX, but also to achieve the common goal of the entire Greek mission, which is to ensure the maximum number and highest quality of internship placements. The exchange of positions, a process that involves many parameters, takes place every year under the guidance of the National Secretary of IAESTE and under his/ her supervision. The same applies to the paper allocation among  the students participating in the conference.

Upon completion of the exchange of internships for Greece, the distribution process of the placements in various universities follows. The representatives of FEX must comply with the statutory criteria for the distribution of the positions and seek positions for FEX according to these criteria, being careful with the specific details for each position, taking into account the ranking of the applications according to the algorithm and trying to ensure posts that are unlikely to be rejected by FEX students.

As concerns the internship positions abroad claimed by FEX students, the following procedure applies:

Every year in December students are advised to submit their applications, along with their university grades transcript and the application fee which is set annually by CC. In the application the candidate  fills in his or her personal details, school of attendance and year of study, any previous internship experience and details on foreign language certificates. These data are processed by CC, which ranks the applications collected by faculty, and sets the applicants in order of priority in claiming an internship position according to the ranking algorithm of IAESTE, considering the year of study, the courses not completed and the average grade of each student.

While forming a specific algorithm for classification purposes, it is possible for CC members to receive some remuneration for the services they offer. The subsidy per year is decided by CC and the supervising faculty member. The classification shall be posted outside the office of IAESTE, indicating the year of study and the number of the candidate. The  rest of the details are available to anyone who wishes to see them, in the office of IAESTE. When the internships are announced, copies of the announcements are posted outside the office of IAESTE, and candidates are invited to process this information and collect all the necessary information and clarifications on the position they wish to claim within a reasonable amount of time.
Candidates must be present on the day of the distribution of the internships, which takes place on a specific date and at a previously stated time. During the process, they are called in priority order to claim the position that interests them, which they are assigned if they adequately meet the standards and requirements of this position.
Candidates who will not get an internship position will take back the money they gave, together with their application. For this reason, even applicants who ultimately did not want to pursue a position will have to attend on the day of internship distribution. After being assigned the position, students must complete all the necessary forms requested by the employer within the designated time frame and submit them to CC which takes care that they be checked and sent to the main offices of IAESTE in Athens in time. If the student is accepted by the employer, he or she must ensure timely ticketing and also collaborate with CC as to insurance matters and anything else needed. Also the student is  required to show consistency and responsibility at work, and it would be better for him or her to  be in regular contact with the Committee that will be there for whatever the student needs. The student should also inform CC of any problems or irregularities may occur.

For any additional information  the students interested should contact the Office of IAESTE Xanthi, on the ground floor of the Electrical & Computer Engineering laboratory building, or call 2541079913 or send an email to iaeste (at) or visit the website of  IAESTE Xanthi at

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