Student Care

  Student Care
Person in charge:
Ms. Mpourazani, Tel. 25410-79028

1. Student Halls of Residence
Student Halls of Residence actually consist of rooms that are spread in buildings on Campus and in the center of the city. There is also a student restaurant that can serve 1.000 individuals, and a lecture theater on Campus that can seat about 700 students, both managed by the University.
The criteria for a student to stay in the Student Halls of Residence are: the student's family income in connection with the number of family members, and others set by the Senate of DUTh in the Hall of Residence operating rules. Applications, along with all the relevant supporting documentation are submitted by the new students at the corresponding Faculties, during the enrollment period. Beyond this deadline no application is accepted.

2. Health Care
The students of the University are provided with medical, hospital and pharmaceutical care (Presidential Decree 327/1983 (OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC 117/7-9-83 , issue A')). Medical care is provided by the city doctors that are contracted with the State. All undergraduate and postgraduate students of Higher Education Institutions, both Greek and foreigners, are eligible for health, medico-pharmaceutical and hospital care. Τhe Secretariat of the corresponding Department provides the beneficiaries with a special health record booklet that contains the full name, a photograph of the student, the registration number, the place of hospitalization and the whole regulation regarding hospitalization. The student health record booklet is renewed each year at the Secretariat of the Department. After a certain period of time, which is the minimal duration of undergraduate studies of the department plus two (2) years, students are no longer entitled to student benefits such as medico-pharmaceutical and hospital care, optimal performance scholarships, student loans, food free of charge, accommodation, free textbooks or other supporting educative material, fare discounts or other commuting benefits etc. (article 9, paragraph 10, Law 2083/92).

3. U-Pass
According to the announcement of the Ministry of Education, as of the academic year 2011-12 both the way of issuing/ distributing the special student commuting discount card known as U-Pass (passo) and the criteria that determine who is entitled to this pass have changed
More specifically, students will submit their applications for a U-Pass electronically at using their personal passwords at the Faculty of Engineering portal: Then, after the application has been approved by the corresponding Secretariat, the student will be able to receive the pass from the particular point of delivery already selected upon submitting his/her application. The delivery points will be specific retailers chosen by the contractor.
The final cost of the U-Pass, after having been put out to tender, amounts at 2.56 Euro (V.A.T. included) and is paid by the student, however, students will not be charged for the photographs or the purchase of the old card, as was often the case in the past.
The new 'pass' will look like a credit card, meeting all the current requirements, including a photograph of the holder, a special security hologram and the holder's personal information transcribed to the Latin script (to be used abroad as well).
The beneficiaries of the new U-Pass are:
(1) Undergraduate students provided that they have not exceeded the n+2 years of study ('n' is the years it takes to earn a degree according to the University Curriculum),
(2) M.Sc. students, for as many years as their program lasts, according to the Curriculum and
(3) PhD students, for 4 years from the date of registration.
It should be noted that the students over the twentieth ninth (29th) year of age (on the day of the submission of their application) are not eligible for a U-Pass, nor are those who gained fast-track entry as graduates or through graduate admission examinations. Moreover, if for any reason a student drops out of University this will automatically mean that they have no right of possessing a U-Pass which in this case has to be returned to the Secretariat of their department.
Each Secretariat is connected with the Central Information System through a special web application, which enables the staff to monitor the application forms submitted by the students.
First year students will be able to use the means of transport until September 30 simply by showing their registration certificate, issued by the Secretariat of their Department, and their identity card until they receive their U-Pass.

4. Students Feeding Services
The students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are entitled to free feeding services under certain conditions. Information on the categories of students that are eligible for free feeding services, as well as the required documentation and submission dates are provided by the Student Care Office in Xanthi.

5. Transportation
Students move to and from the Campus -where the Halls of Residence and the student restaurant are- using means of transport chosen by the University, or special itineraries between the University and the student restaurant departing from the Municipal swimming pool area during lunch and dinner times.

6. Cultural events
There are various Cultural Events organized by the Municipality of Xanthi. Students can choose from Old Town Festival in September, the Carnival of Xanthi in February, Youth Festival in March, Chorus Festival in May etc.
Also the two student associations named "Bridge" and "Inmates of Xanthi Halls of Residence" respectively, organize cultural events related to photograph, movies etc.

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