Student grants

Student grants

Student grants (1000 Euros) are given to students who meet specific criteria, while the corresponding  applications are submitted by the end of March.


Some clarifications on student grants are given below:


01The student housing grant of 1,000 euros is paid to families whose children are undergraduate students studying at universities, technological educational institutes (TEI), Schools of Tourism Education or Hellenic Naval Academies.


02Entitled to this grant are all the undergraduate students - members of the family, if they reside in a city other than that of their principal residence, whether enrolled in the same school and city or in different schools and cities and staying in one or more houses.


03The grant is given for as many years as the years of study at the Faculty or Department.


04Those who attend a school in order to obtain a second degree are not  entitled to receiving student grants, regardless of how they were admitted to the University or the corresponding department. Those pursuing a Master's degree.are not entitled to receiving a grant either.


05The student’s attendance must be evidenced by a certificate of the faculty or department thereof, whose content is analyzed on the certificate forms (these forms are different for Universities and TEI), which form an integral part of the process, are issued within the first three months of each calendar year and have an original apostille seal and the signature of the Secretary of the Department or School.


06Especially for first year students (registered for the first time), the certificate shows only the student's registration at the School.


07The study certificates given for the payment of the student grant will list only courses and no credits. Certificates stating credits will not be accepted.


08Students that register to first year courses but in the second semester (spring semester) are entitled to the full grant.


09The application is submitted to the corresponding PUBLIC FISCAL SERVICE (D.O.Y.).


10The beneficiary of the grant is the father or mother of the student. As an exception, the beneficiaries can be the students themselves  if:
a) they are orphaned by both parents
b) their parents are residing abroad.
C) they are more than 25 years old
d) are liable to submit a tax return.


About tenancy agreements (leases)

Students who qualify for the student housing grant must be studying in a city/ town different from their principal residence and reside in a rented house. In the city/ town where the student resides, his or her parents should not have full ownership or usufruct of another residence. In order to prove the fact that the student is residing in a rented house, parents should also submit  the corresponding lease along with the application for the grant, certified by the competent tax office. Regarding leases the following apply:
  • A lease should be endorsed in the name of the parent or student. Certified photocopies will also be accepted. In cases requiring a lease for the grant, contracts that have expired are accepted, provided they were in force for at least two months in the academic year for which the grant is given. Upon the application date the two months must have been completed.
  • If there is cohabitation of  students, all students should appear as tenants, or their parents or guardians.
  • Staying in a hotel or boarding house is considered a lease, provided that the student submits a certificate of continuous (at least two-month) residence therein, and a certified copy of the bill of rendered services for the same period.
  • Residential leases of residences out of town  are accepted, for a distance of up to 40 kilometers from the center of the city/ town in which the School or Department is (there must be a certificate under competent authority).
  • those living in dormitories and boarding houses are not entitled to the student grant.

Family income and student grants

for a student to be entitled to the grant:
  • The annual family income for the previous year should not exceed the amount of EUR 30,000, increased by EUR 3,000 for every  dependent child -apart from the student.
  • The parents of the student or the student should not be owner(s) or usufructuary of dwellings (owner-occupied or leased) bigger than 200 sq.m., with the exception of residences or apartments located in a municipality with a population of fewer than 3,000 inhabitants.
  • In case of ownership percentage, only this percentage is taken into account.
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