The  Library of the Faculty of Engineering

The Library has 75.000 volumes and 2000 titles of journals, whereas the current subscriptions are mainly electronic. The lending takes place based on  the  Operating Rules of the Central Library, approved by the University Senate. The library is accessible through the web address Those who wish can search its  web pages to find  the books of both  the  Faculty of Engineering and all the other Faculties and Departments of the University. They can also look for books in all the academic libraries of the country that  provide their services online.


Through HealLink network our library gives the readers access to 5.000 titles of journals. The library staff can guide those looking for information. Moreover, the students can  get  informed on their searching options through the corresponding pages of the library on the internet.

Library Opening Hours  
Stack room: Monday - Friday: 07.00 - 14.30
Reading room: Monday - Sunday: 07.00 - 24.00
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