Electronics and Information Systems Technology Sector

 tomeas ilektronikis kai texnologias sistimaton pliroforikis

The sector of Electronics and Information System Technology commenced its operation as Sector of Electronics (Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic B.184/1983). In 1986, it was renamed to its current name, broadening its scientific activities at the same time.  The sector covers the following areas: Semiconductors, Insulators, Magnetic Materials, Superconductors, Solar Cells and their sub systems, VLSI Systems, Sensors, Εlectronic Components, Circuits and Connectors, Data Transmission Methods (voice, data, pictures) between Systems with Fiber Optics Techniques, Infrared Radiation in Closed Spaces, Interconnection Methods of Digital Systems Based on Microprocessors, Electric/Electronic Circuits and Electric Measurements, Digital Systems and Computers, Automatic Control Systems, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Knowledge Based Systems, Robotics, Digital Signal and Image Processing, Components Design, Computer-aided Circuits and Systems (CAD and CAM).

Today, following the scientific developments, its activities also embrace also the following areas: Multimedia, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for Filter Design, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Neural Networks, Artificial Vision Systems, Modeling and Analysis of Biological Systems, Audio and Speech Processing, Video, 3D Technologies and Processing, Machine Vision, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers (μCs, DSPs, PLCs), FPGAs, Embedded Systems, Bioelectronics, Intelligent Crowd Modeling, Detection and Tracking Systems, Unmanned Submarine Vehicles, Nano electronics, Quantum Computing,  Traffic Control, Energy Efficiency Buildings.

There are six laboratories in this sector:

  • Automatic Control Systems,
  • Digital Systems
  • Electric Circuits, Signal and Image Processing
  • Electronics,
  • Εlectrotechnical and Electronic Materials Technology (Micro Electronics and Nano Electronics)
  • Integrated Circuits.

In the table below you can find all the permanent members of the laboratory personnel.

Director of the Electronics and Information Systems Technology Sector
  G. Sirakoulis, Associate Professor
Building B, office 1.2, Tel. +30 25410 79547
  01 Laboratory of Automatic Control Systems and Robotics
 Director: I. Boutalis, Associate Professor
Building B, office 1.04, Tel. +30 25410 79504
Tel. secretariat +30 25410 79512
 Members: I. Boutalis, Associate Professor
O. Kosmidou, Associate Professor
I. Kosmatopoulos, Associate Professor
E. Sachpatzidou, Technical Staff
C. Pantzoglou, Technical Staff
  02 Laboratory of Digital Systems
 Director: M. Mpekakos, Professor
Building B, office 1.25, Tel. +30 25410 79579-79580
Tel.s. and fax secretariat +30 25410 79576
 Members: M. Mpekakos, Professor
I. Spiliotis, Technical Staff
  03 Laboratory of Electric Circuits, Signal and Image Processing
Director : N. Papamarkos, Professor
Building B, office 1.17, Tel. +30 25410 79585

N. Papamarkos, Professor
C. Chamzas, Professor
I. Pratikakis, Associate Professor
N. Mitianoudis, Assistant Professor

04 Laboratory of Electronics
Director: I. Andreadis, Professor
Building B, office 1.24, Tel. +30 25410 79566
Members: I. Andreadis, Professor
F. Tsalidis, Professor
I. Lygouras, Professor
G. Sirakoulis, Associate Professor
V. Mpakirtzis, Technical Staff
G. Baidis, Technical Staff
05 Laboratory of Εlectrotechnical and Electronic Materials Technology
Director: N. Georgoulas, Professor
Building B, office 1.10, Tel. +30 25410 79551
Tel. secretariat +30 25410 79542
Members: N. Georgoulas, Professor
D. Gkirgkinoudi, Assistant Professor
F. Farmakis, Assistant professor
S. Matziris, LTS, Laboratory and Teaching Staff
06 Integrated Circuits Laboratory
Director: I. Karafyllidis, Professor
Building B, office 1.21, Tel. +30 25410 79548
I. Karafyllidis, Professor
G. Dimitrakopoulos, Assistant Professor
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