Physics and Applied Mathematics Sector

physiThe sector of Physics and Applied Mathematics covers the subjects of Mathematical Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Discreet Mathematics for Computer Science, Advanced Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Operational Research (OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC 184/1983). Due to developments in science the scientific activities of the Sector have been extended and today also include Studies of: the Magnetic Properties of Materials -such as Triadic Compounds of Rare Earth Elements, Triadic Alloys and Various Amorphous Materials-, Delay and Advanced Functional Differential Equations, Discreet Dynamical Systems, Chaotic Theory and its Applications, etc. In this Sector the laboratory of Physics is also included.

The Mathematical Study that belongs to the Faculty of Engineering is staffed by members of the sector in question, as well as by members (academic staff) of the Department of Civil Engineers.

In the following table you can see all the staff members:


Director of the Physics and Applied Mathematics Sector 
Director: C. Schinas, Professor
Building B, office 0.03, Tel. +30 25410 79763 
Physics Laboratory
Director: G. Gravanis, Professor
Building A, first floor, Tel. +30 25410 79759
  Mathematical Study
Director: C. Schinas, Professor
Building B, office 0.03, Tel. +30 25410 79759  
Members: C. Schinas, Associate Professor
G. Gravanis, Associate Professor
A. Meimaridou, Assistant Professor


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