Power Systems Sector

tomeas energeiakwn systimatwn

The Power Systems Sector covers the following subjects: Electric Power Systems Elements, Analysis of the Steady -state and Transient Electric Power Systems Operation, Electric Power Systems Faults and Protection , Electric Power Systems Thermal, Dynamic and Dielectric Stresses , Electrical Installations, Permanent and Transient Operation Mode of Transformers and Rotating Machines, Electrical Machine Building, Movement using Electrical Machines, Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Generators, Cost Efficiency, Power Station Choice, Cost of Power and Economic Operation of Power Systems, Strength of Materials as Parts of Machinery, Motors of Power Stations, Nuclear Technology, Plasma, Thermonuclear Reactors, Renewable Energy Sources (solar, wind, geothermal, tidal), Power Electronics.

Over the last years, the scientific subjects of the sector have been extended to include  Small Hydroelectric Stations, Optimal Electric Power Systems Planning, Measurements and Technology of Catalytic Petrol-Εngines, Automatic Control of Industrial Systems, Measurements of Radioactivity in Food and Environment, Mechatronics, etc.

The Power Systems Sector comprises the following five laboratories:

  • Electrical Machines Laboratory,
  • Power Systems Laboratory,
  • Energy Economy Laboratory,
  • Specialized Mechanical Engineering Laboratory and
  • Nuclear Technology Laboratory.

In the table below you can see the permanent members of our laboratory personnel.

Director of the Power Systems Sector 

M. Danikas, Professor
Building B, Office 0.25, Tel. +30 25410 79530

  01 Electrical Machines Laboratory
Supervisor/Person in charge: A. Safigianni, Professor
Building B, Office 0.23, Tel. +30 25410 79527

A. Safigianni, Professor
A. Karlis, Assistant Professor
I. Karnavas, Assistant Professor
N. Papanikolaou, Assistant Professor
A. Stylianidis, Technical Staff
C. Tsipitsoudis, Technical Staff

02 Power Systems Laboratory
Director: A. Safigianni, Professor
Building B, Office 0.23, Tel. +30 25410 79527 
Members: M. Danikas, Professor
A. Safigianni, Professor
V. Nikolaidis, Lecturer
T. Papadopoulos, Lecturer
03 Energy Economy Laboratory
Director: G. Bakos, Professor
Building B, Office 0.17, Tel. +30 25410 79725
Members: G. Bakos, Professor
 04 Nuclear Technology Laboratory
Director: G. Nikolaou, Associate Professor
Building B, Office 0.18, Tel. +30 25410 79736
Members:  G. Nikolaou, Associate Professor
05 Special Engineering Laboratory
Director: S.G. Mouroutsos, Associate Professor
Building B, Office 0.16, Tel. +30 25410 79517
S.G. Mouroutsos, Associate Professor
G. Maliaris, Assistant Professor
D. Christoforidis, Laboratory and Teaching Staff
A. Karkanis, Technical Staff
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