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Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh) was founded in 1973 by governmental Legislative Decree 87/73, as based in Komotini.

In 1974 it began its operation, with the Department of Civil Engineering of the Engineering Faculty in Xanthi and the Department of Law in at Komotini. At the present moment it consists of have been built 18 Departments, in total, based in at the towns of Xanthi, Komotini, Alexandroupoli and Orestiada .

The Department of Civil Engineering (1974), the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (1975), the Department of Environmental Engineering (1995), the Department of Architecture (1999) and also the Department of Production Engineering and Management (2000) are all operating from Xanthi premises. These five Departments constitute the Faculty of Engineering of DUTh.

Mention apart from the Department of Law (1974), the remainder Departments as the Department of Physical Education & Sport Science (1984), the Department of History and Ethnology (1991), the Department of Greek Literature (1995), the Department of Social Administration (1996), the Department of International Economic Relations and Development (1999) and the Department of Language, Literature and Culture of Black Sea Countries (2000) are also operating from Komotini.

The Department of Medicine (1985), the Department of Primary Level Education (1986), the Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood (1987) (the last two constitute the School of Education Sciences since 1998) and the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics are all operating from the town of Alexandroupoli.

The Department of Forestry and Management of the Environment and Natural Resources (1999) and the Department of Agricultural Development (1999) are both operating in from Orestiada.

The Department of Electrical Engineering was founded in 1975 and was the second Department to be founded in the Engineering Faculty of XanthiThe Department of Electrical Engineering was founded in 1975 and was the second Department to be founded in the Engineering Faculty of Xanthi, when the first batch of 40 students were admitted. It began to give lectures with its first owned Professors almost two years later after being operated with the help of scientific staff mainly from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. As a result of this situation in 1977 were elected the first regular and temporary Professors (these last considered as three year service ones) to reach up to a total 45 members of Teaching and Research Staff (TRS) nowadays. There are also 1 member of Scientific Teaching Staff (STS), 3 members of Laboratory Teaching Staff (SLTS) and 6 members of Special Technical Laboratory Staff (STLS). Specifically, the faculty members (TRS) are distributed at various tiers as described as follows: 21 Professors, 9 Associated Professors and 15 Assistant Professors. Lately amongst the (STLS) members there are exists graduates of Medium, Higher and Highest Education, who are working in the appropriate posts.

In Also apart the four Sectors Sections that formed for initially the Department created by Law 1268/82, a fifth Sector was has been added recently (2003) with one new Laboratory. The Department's Sections Sectors are constituted as the following:

  • Electrical Energy Systems Sector
  • Electronics and Information Technology Systems Sector
  • Telecommunications and Space Sector
  • Software and Application Development Sector and
  • Physics and Applied Mathematics Sector.

The continuous and rapid expansion of the science of Electrical Engineering resulted in changes regarding the degree of specialization required for the education to be provided. As a result, since 1989 there are 2 distinct different specialization areas (sectors): Energy Electrical Engineer and Electronics Electrical Engineer, with individual directions. As of 1999 a third specialization area was added to the training, namely, Telecommunications Electrical Engineer Sector. Recently in the relevant legislation, the three courses were renamed directions of study.

In 1993 and by presidential Decree 266 the Department was renamed as Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DECE), formally recognizing the growing needs concerning the of Information and Computer Engineering that the Department always tried to get covered with the continuous updates and the development of its own curriculum.

In the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering there exists a fully organized Postgraduate Studies Program since the academic year 1994-95 that leads to a Ph.D. title. As soon of 2000-01 it is also possible a Master's Degree to be provided.

After a long period of using specific buildings all throughout the city of Xanthi, in 1983 the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering alongside with the rest remainder Departments of the Engineering Faculty was housed finally to a single complex of prefabricated buildings. At the same time, a new building complex was under construction at the University Campus of Kimmeria, a few kilometers outside the city of Xanthi. The first buildings to be operated included an auditorium, the teaching classrooms, dorm student rooms and a restaurant for the alimentation of the students.


During the academic year 2007-08 the migration of the Department to the Campus of Kimmeria has been started.

Since academic year 2008-09 the majority of the Department's activities are carried out at the new two buildings, the Auditoriums / Classrooms / Secretariat Building (Building A) and the Offices / Laboratories Building (Building B). In the single complex of prefabricated buildings, downtown, our Department uses only one of the buildings (Building XIII), from where the whole amount of the laboratory equipment is stored and operated.


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