Department Administration

Administration of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Department is governed by its General Assembly and the Head of Department.

Τhe General Assembly consists of academic members selected by each sector as its representatives, one representative of undergraduate students, two representatives of postgraduate students , one representative of Laboratories Teaching Staff and one of Special Technical Laboratory Staff.

The Head of Department is elected for a two-year term by the academic members of the Department.

The Sector Directors are elected annually.

Head of Department:
Boutalis Ioannis, Professor
Maria Theofilaki
Director of Energy Systems Sector:
 Safigianni Anastasia, Professor
Director of Telecommunications and Space Science Sector :
Sarris Theodoros, Assistant Professor
Director of Electronics and Information System Technology Sector:
Kosmatopoulos Elias,  Professor  

Director of Physics and Applied Mathematics Sector:  


Director of Software and Application Development Sector:
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The Department