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University Career Center
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The Career Center of the Democritus University Thrace was founded in the frame of the Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training (O.P. "Education"). Via this newly established institution the Career Center constitutes an information center for the students and graduates of our University, aspiring to become the conjunctive ring between the Academic and the Productive Community, in order to facilitate its students and graduates to find a future career. The particularity of this office lies in the fact that , as the University is spread in more than one cities, there are three different office branches in the cities of: Xanthi, Komotini and Alexandroupoli. grafeio-diasindesis


The activities of the Career Center are:

  • Maintenance of data bases with CVs of the University graduates (this personal information is always kept according to the provisions of Law that concern the management of personal data)
  • Briefing on second cycle and postgraduate programs of study in Greek and foreign Universities (In the office there is a comprehensive file with study guides coming from various Universities abroad, and there is also ample information and documentation about Greek University postgraduate programs of study.)
  • Information on the scholarships and bequests available (In the data bases kept in the office there are details about the institutions offering the scholarships or bequests, and the type of these).
  • Information about the conduct of training seminars.
  • Information with regard to the European Mobility Programs.
  • Contribution to the students' practical training.
  • Briefing on the job slots offered by organizations and enterprises of both the Public and Private Sector, at a local or national level.
  • Hosting training seminars for university students at regular time intervals, aiming mainly at preparing them for their import in the productive process.
  • Hosting Career Days aiming at the promotion of graduates in the job market.
  • Hosting meetings and seminars with presentations of special issues that concern students and graduates.
  • Providing the students with psychological counseling and career guidance services.
  • Development of a series of studies-research, regarding the students, the graduates, as well as the enterprises and organizations in the regions of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.
  • Publication of a series of booklets aiming at the briefing of students and graduates with regard to the services of the office, the advisory service, postgraduate studies abroad, how to fill out a CV, etc.

Finally the Career Center has a number of computers, giving students free access to the internet and the data bases , so that they can look for information related to the services offered mentioned above.


1 Vas. Sofias St., 671 00 Xanthi
Faculty of Engineering, Building 4, 3rd Floor
tel 25410-79552, Fax 25410 - 75059

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E-mail: career (at)

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