Our Department, after a short period of using and being lodged at a variety of buildings throughout the city of Xanthi, in the year 1983 and alongside with the remainder other Departments of the Faculty of Engineering was housed in a single complex of prefabricated buildings (PROKAT), downtown. It mainly used three buildings for its operational needs along time.

Outside the city
During the academic year 2007-2008 the Department migrated to the new building complex located at the University Campus of Xanthi in the region of Kimmeria.

More information on how to reach the Department's premises on: "Directions"

Nowadays the new building complex consists of two buildings. These buildings house the faculty members and the rest of the Department's staff's offices, the Department's Secretariat, as well as the teaching, events and administrative functions sites.


diataksi ktiriwn tmimatos en

One of the buildings (Building Α'), of around 6.606,43 m2, houses the Department's Secretariat, some of the Faculty members' offices and workplaces for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Although, it’s largest part is covered from students' teaching sites. These teaching sites consist are consistent of seven classrooms, with a capacity of up to 60 people, all of them fully equipped with the necessary optoelectronics material and other electronic equipment. Four of them are constructed in a way that allowsa pair of classrooms to be consolidated in order to form alarger one with a capacity of up to 120 people. It is a two storey building premises built accordingly to modern standards regarding safety and operation purposes.

The second building (Building B΄) is also a two-storey building and with its size is 5.119,71 m2 houses not only the offices of both the Faculty members and the rest of the Department's staff (especially those who carry out the administrative work), but also the workplaces for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In addition to the above places the teaching needs are covered from a large auditorium with a capacity of about 300 people and 3 smaller auditoriums with a capacity of 150 people each, fully equipped with the necessary optoelectronic and other electronic equipment. The auditoriums are properly equipped to accommodate all of the foreseen events and other different activities carried out by our Department during the academic year.

Finally, Building A' also houses two classrooms equipped with 60 Personal Computers (PCs). In the first classroom, "Information and Teleconference", have been installed 30 PCs, jointly with the necessary equipment in order for them to form a local network as well as the necessary audiovisual equipment. Students for Internet access use this classroom; carry out lab exercises using PCs and making lectures and presentations. In the second classroom, "eLearning-Teleconference", have been installed 30 newer technology PCs (delivered in 2008) are present, with inclusion of all the necessary equipment in order for them to form a local network, including the necessary audiovisual equipment, as well as all the facilities necessary equipment for eLearning and Teleconference activities.

Inside the city
Apart from the abovementioned buildings, the Department operates in a single complex of prefabricated buildings (PROKAT), downtown, particularly in building No. XIII.
More information on reaching the Department's premises on: "Directions"

It is a three storey building that hosts the Department's laboratory activity.
In the picture below you can not only see the layout of the buildings of the complex, but also the building XIII that houses the Department's Laboratories.


diataksi xwrou tmimatos en

More Infrastructure
Apart from the abovementioned infrastructure and premises , the academic community of the Department also uses the other buildings of the Faculty of Engineering, such as the buildings of the single complex of prefabricated buildings, downtown, that house accommodate:

  • The Computer Center –Network Management Center– of Democritus University of Thrace
  • The Library – Study of the Faculty of Engineering.

Students are also supported by the Dormitory Room complex of the Engineering Faculty which covers a large part of the Student Care needs. The central auditorium, Karatheodori, of the Faculty of Engineering of the city of Xanthi is also located there.

More information about Student Care.
In all the above sites WiFi roaming services are available that enable wireless access to the Internet. The network's coverage and more general information are given to the following website.


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